Who is Corporate Strategies and Development, LLC?

Corporate Strategies and Development, LLC (CSD) began in 1996 at the request of several Puget Sound business owners who needed assistance to grow and develop their respective organizations. We helped them visualize possibilities, renew innovation, and achieve results!

Our team has expanded since those early years, yet our legacy has remained consistent – We are focused on positively impacting the fundamental way people do business, through a strong values-based approach.

We’ve worked with more than 100 organizations in the Northwest and across the United States, and their testimonials tell the story of how CSD helped them accomplish significant achievements!

Why is CSD unique?

We’re the Only Ones Who Do What We Do
CSD holds a deep conviction that typical ‘consulting’ services should not be separated from one another or treated in a vacuum. Only when an organization takes a truly integrated approach to the way systems affect one another can it attain and enact the vision it has articulated. That’s why we are neither just a search firm nor just a consulting company. We are a blended professional services organization of experts who advocate aligning, linking and integrating all initiatives with the broader strategic plan – thus achieving long-term organizational outcomes for the good of the whole.

Our Work is Customized For Each Client
Even though we have all the best ‘canned’ tools accessible to us, we evaluate each client and their needs individually, and design what makes sense for their unique situation. We gain buy-in from our client at each key step along the way, and are flexible enough to make mid-course adjustments when circumstances in the organization change.

We Work as a Team For Maximized Collaboration
Often there will be several CSD partners involved with the same client. We pick and choose exactly which skills, personality and style will combine for the greatest outcome to our customer. Our clients are always able to reach someone ‘in the know’ with questions or needs related to their engagement.

We Focus on Transferring Knowledge
Our goal is to get in, transfer the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary for achieving success, and then get out of the way. We certainly value long-term relationships with our clients and are often called back to work on other projects. However, we see ourselves as advisors for a season, not an appendage for life!

We Live by a Values-Based Approach to Our Work
Whether it’s recruiting our own Partners and employees, doing our daily work together inside CSD, or doing our most valuable work with client organizations, we conduct ourselves by consistently applying agreed to Tenets of Behavior and Belonging Criteria. We take these so seriously that we even measure each other annually as to how well we did actively following these agreements! Suffice it to say, our values are at the foundation of everything we do, and our clients affirm again and again that they appreciate this element of CSD.

We’re Committed to an Outcome Orientation
Our approach to our work with clients is ‘outcome-based’. In other words, CSD measures our success by the degree to which our clients are satisfied and can readily identify long-lasting benefit and positive impact to their organization as a result of the work we did with them. It is a high compliment when our clients refer us to their trusted friends and contacts, as well as when they come back to CSD for repeat business themselves!