Organizational Assessment

Often managers have hunches about what to change in an organization, but they have little real evidence. They may have financial or production data pointing to a need for improvement, but they rarely have reliable, on-going information about managers, employees, customers, or suppliers.

A solid organizational assessment process provides accurate data to decide what to change and where to improve. At Corporate Strategies and Development we have assessed employees, managers, executives, teams, departments, customers, vendors, and entire organizations -- all toward making specific business decisions that reflect honest knowledge about an organization’s strengths and weaknesses. We use a variety of methods to build an assessment, including interviews, questionnaires, surveys, and focus groups.

Assessments are tailored to the specific goals and requests of an organization. We can conduct an employee survey, a team appraisal, a quality analysis, an operational audit, or a study of customer satisfaction. In the case of mergers and acquisitions, we can assess a company’s culture, and contrast it with the company being acquired or merged. Additionally, we can perform human resources audits to provide complete reviews of personnel. In every case, we conduct these assessments assuring complete anonymity and confidentiality to participants. Then we assemble reports and reviews that are immediately useful to those requesting the assessment, and to those participating in it.

Often our assessments lead our clients to ask for additional consultation to address issues and solve problems exposed by the assessments. Whether this involves new planning, improvement, search, or development activities, we’re ready to help with solutions that produce helpful and practical results. We are happy to make an initial non-billable visit to see if an organizational assessment makes sense for your company.

Progressive International Corp. is a leading designer and global marketer of kitchenware and dining products. We wanted to continue a tradition of success. We saw our employees and culture as a critical component of this strategy. As a result of an organizational assessment conducted by CSD, they knew what to do and in what order. They implemented executive and leadership development initiatives and refined our strategic planning process. The results were increased sales more than 8%.

William P. Reibl, President/CEO
Progressive International Corp.