Leadership Development

The success of any organization is directly and critically linked to the quality of its leadership. It is the one, fundamental element that no organization can do without or afford to ignore, and all the other components of business are useless without it. Leadership is both an art and a skill, and effective leadership begins with a clear, accurate understanding of self—one’s predominant strengths and those areas requiring growth and change. Not everyone can be a great leader, but everyone can be taught to recognize the most important elements of effective leadership and strive to development of those elements to their fullest potential.

Those people fortunate enough to be senior executives in organizations have a special responsibility not only to continuously seek to understand themselves better and to perfect their own leadership skills, but to invest in a similar effort on behalf of their direct reports and others down through the organization. A laser-like focus, from the top down, on the continuous improvement of leadership skills and abilities will have a long term impact on such things as organizational morale, employee retention, individual and organizational performance and ultimate profitability.

CSD utilizes customized methods and processes to help individuals at all levels of organizations: 1) understand the most critical elements of effective leaders, 2) identify which of those elements they possess, and which they either lack or need to develop more completely, and 3) publicize, promote and transmit those leadership skills and abilities down (or up) through the rest of the organization. Through tailored workshops and/or one-on-one coaching, CSD provides executives, and their team the knowledge they need to understand human behavior and apply their skills and energy to effectively influence others in committing to new directions and the ability to lead individuals to higher levels of performance:

Among many things, our leadership development services target:

  • Modeling leadership behavior
  • Identifying leaders
  • Developing those skills that influence people
  • Facilitating personal behavior change
  • Fostering collaboration and improved “team performance”.
  • Envisioning the future, taking risks, and recognizing the value of “authenticity.”
  • Clarifying work/life balance issues.
Managers and executives emerge from our development process with a clearer sense of purpose, a deeper understanding of their role in the organization and a sharper sense of what they, their peers and subordinates are able to accomplish on the road to excellence.

“The approaches presented have helped me to thoughtfully consider how I am doing things now, how I would like things to be, and how to organize my company to get there. Something that has given me the needed push forward on my agenda is the continuity and repetition, initial group meetings, and the follow up meetings. . . . . The dog-eared workbooks and notes have become a part of my operations and planning processes. I am pleased with the progress my company has made after having worked with CSD.”
Doug Ostergaard, President
North Star Electric Inc.

As a multi-national company headquartered in Seattle, Getty Images experienced rapid growth and expansion due the acquisition of dozens of companies in approximately one year. A specific challenge facing Getty was the integration of the new companies and employees into one company, and these employees' ability to effectively deal with change. We developed customized workshops on Managing Change and Embedding Vision, Values and Culture, and presented these sessions across North America. Feedback at both the employee and management level has been spectacular. Employees have articulated a greater sense of commitment due to their understanding of their contribution and role within a large and dynamic organization.