Executive Assimilation

Confusion and turmoil may exist in an organization as one manager or executive leaves, and another begins a new assignment. Often during this change, roles become ambiguous, communication gets strained, and employees jockey for position without clear leadership. A guided Executive Assimilation Process quickly reduces these problems by providing a structured opportunity to integrate a new executive into the organization.

Executive Assimilation accomplishes several important objectives:

  • Residual issues from the departing manager or executive are dealt with.
  • The new executive and his or her team get deeply acquainted early, clarifying expectations and concerns.
  • Employees and peers gain a rapid understanding of the new manager's management style and methods.
  • The new manager gets an honest look at the organization's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Everyone participates in reinforcing their organizational culture and aligning the new manager with it.
  • The new executive highlights key challenges, along with organizational and departmental priorities.
  • Additionally, the new manager can emphasize critical areas that require more immediate attention.
Through a deliberate sequence of interviews, analysis, meetings, and reflection, the Executive Assimilation Process provides a forthright and focused time for launching the executive in his or her new position.

"Working with the team from Corporate Strategies has been a very beneficial experience for me. They have provided me a highly accelerated learning curve into the culture of Philips Oral Healthcare, at a critical time in the company's history, when I did not have the benefit of a drawn out learning process.

The format used by Corporate Strategies was the key reason for this -- information provided by my peers, employees, and superiors was collated on a confidential and non-threatening basis, and the Corporate Strategies team then analyzed the data to provide me with key insights. The internal Philips team was then brought together with me, to discuss these issues, again in a very objective and value-added manner. The recommendations resulting from this meeting were ultimately clearly articulated to all parties involved.

This third-party perspective ensured objectivity and honesty throughout the process.

Because of Corporate Strategies, I believe I was able to gain experiences that would normally take six months to one year to work out...all within the first three months of my time in the company."

Sajal Sahay, Director of Professional Marketing
Philips Oral Healthcare Professional Group, Inc.